Information about Sculpto

The Sculpto 3D printer is especially well suited for use in schools, as its usability and mobility gives students the chance to spend time designing, 3D printing, testing and learning instead of attempting to operate a traditional 3D printer, which often requires an expert in order to use.

It does not require much of an introduction to get started with the Sculpto 3D printer and app and, with its cost-effective price and easy portability, the Sculpto 3D printer is ideal for a class set of 4-8, where the students can work in groups around each of their 3D printers. Our printers offer a myriad of ways to challenge and inspire students across all areas of the learning process.


Opportunities for using Sculpto in teaching

Craft, design & technology (CDT):
The obvious function here is to produce items for CDT, where the students can design in 3D and subsequently print out their own designs.

Biology and Geography
3D print bones and organs so that they can be studied more closely. Make a model of a cell and print it. Design an Ice Age landscape and experience its contours in your hands.

Use the 3D printer to make geometry more tangible. Print different geometric figures and work with angles and scale.

Make models of molecules in 3D to gain a broader understanding of these previously somewhat inaccessible subjects.

Cultural studies
Head out into the local area and take a picture of the local church. Design it in 3D and exhibit the model together with its history.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. Students can think outside the box and then use the 3D printer to realise a prototype of their idea.