Thingiverse Engine!

Thingiverse Engine

Within the next few days we will release our Thingiverse Engine!

This means that the iOS and Android app will change a lot and printing from Thingiverse will be a lot more convenient.

First of all you will now have access to search among all the models on Thingiverse instead of our limited selection of hand-picked and confirmed models.

How does it work? 

The way the Thingiverse Engine works is that we divide all models on Thingiverse into ‘verified’ and ‘unverified’.

Whenever you print one of our verified models it will be more or less as you know it today – Just click, choose quality and print (or queue). The verified models are displayed in color.

The unverified models are shown in black and white. When printing these models you need to help us by verifying the model and selecting how it should be printed. In other words you need to know a little bit about 3D printing support-structures. When you print a model you need to select what support-structure should be added on the different parts by looking at a picture of the part. After you have printed the part you need to give us some feedback and then after a few successful prints the model will be verified for everyone else to enjoy the model (- and your excellent choice of support-structure). Please notice that unverified models are only available in ‘normal’ quality at the moment.

The display of models have also changed a bit, to hopefully show a better and more relevant selection of models.

Don’t hesitate to give us feedback. We expect that there might be a thing or two that can be improved once we make the new app available for everybody to use.

Merry Christmas!

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